Close the deal with Opportunity Finder

Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

Tips for close the deal

Opportunity Finder helps you secure valuable sales opportunities to add to your pipeline, but how can it help close and guarantee revenue?

Our teams of BDRs and SDRs not only give support for pipeline generation, but our SDR-Sales-as-a-Service offering allows you to avail of SDRs who act as a full-time sales resource who handle the deal throughout the entire sales cycle.

How to close the deal with Opportunity Finder:


BNZSA’s BDR-as-a-Service is designed to both enhance the functions of your in-house BDR team, while also giving instant resources and multilingual support to generate credible and compliant opportunities that are more mature in the sales cycle. Our BDRs can profile accounts, follow up on digital activity, qualify leads and identify decision makers and buying committees gaining additional contextual insights through their conversations.

Those identified as a sales ready opportunity are then invited to a Warm HandoverTM call, a three-way call brokered by the BDR between the prospect and client. BDRs are leased on a time-based model, can have a client email, and call on behalf of the client. Training in the product or service by the client is recommended before deployment.


Like the BDR-as-a-service model, the SDR- As-A-Service” model provides an SDR who is effectively a full-time sales resource for the client. Essentially it is a “sales-as-a-service” offering, with a fixed fee and commission pricing structure.  

The key difference between the BDR and SDR models is that the SDR handles the entire sales cycle, generating closed sales and revenue with an agreed commission structure to create a strategic partnership. 

BNZSA’s team of BDRs and SDRs can support 26 languages with native speakers that allows clients to instantly ramp up in new territories, achieve a lower cost of sale and see quick, sustainable, and measurable ROI to investment. 

In short, Opportunity Finder is designed to offer our clients a strategic partnership that works because our client’s success is BNZSA’s success.

With face-to-face events back in full flow for the first time since pre-Covid, our final installment of our Opportunity Finder series will detail how using BNZSA’s services can help you to identify, and engage the right people at upcoming events.

Engage your prospects with Opportunity Finder

Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

Tip for engage your prospects

So, we’ve done the research to find who is in market, who are the decision makers we need to speak to and most importantly, we have gained their consent to contact them. How can you now engage your prospects with Opportunity Finder?

Once a prospect shows interest and you have gained their consent, quick and proactive follow-up via digital and human outreach is vital to maximise the momentum of the opportunity.

How to engage contacts with Opportunity Finder:

Using Opportunity Finder, you can connect and engage with decision makers by deploying the right strategies across the digital and telemarketing toolbelt.  

Ultra Nurture:

Companies often find that prospects can get stuck in the middle of the funnel without ever converting. Ultra Nurture ensures prospects stayed engaged through retargeted programmatic advertising and email nurturing to drive contacts to specially curated content hubs to further educate them about your products and services.

Lead Verifyr:

In many cases, volumes of leads that have been generated cannot be magically or instantly nurtured to be sales ready. This doesn’t mean the prospect is not interested in the product or service, they might not have budget, working on another project or simply might need a bit more information to make a decision. In this case, Lead Verifyr can set aside any leads that may be sales ready and then look to set up three-way ‘Warm Handover’ call between BNZSA, the prospect and the client or put them into nurturing tracks where we can send more information and revisit them at a later stage, reducing the wastage many companies go through when purchasing the same lead potentially from another supplier further down the line.

Our Ultra Nurture and Lead Verifyr services are powered by highly trained BDRs and SDRs, with 26 languages spoken natively by our employees, so you can land and expand in new territories or support in-house sales resources.

In the penultimate blog in this series, we will break down how to Opportunity Finder can help you finalise sales, generating actual closed revenue as well as a strong pipeline.

Find the right people with Opportunity Finder

Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

how to find the right people

As we discussed in part one, data is the core foundation to a successful marketing campaign. But enriching your database with all the company data and intent insights in the world is a futile exercise if you don’t know who the right people are to speak to in your target accounts.

From influencers to decision makers and budget holders, there are many touch points and contacts along the pipeline that make a sale possible, and finding the right people is crucial to influence a company that fits your ideal customer profile (ICP).

BNZSA, powered by Anteriad’s Contact Findr service aims to reduce the time involved trawling through platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other similar resources so you can target the right people at the right time with the right message and discover the buying committee.

Finding the right ICP:

When we enrich a database, this often populates company information, but lacks insights into the actual people and profiles you want to reach. Contact Findr is powered by our Data Researchers who complete contact records manually using public domain resources such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoom Info, Hoovers etc. saving you time trawling through multiple platforms.

By combining the intent insights gathered in the “Enrich” stage, and contact information in the “Find” stage, you have a complete, tailor-made database with accurate information of the people you want to target.

Now you have a complete database that’s ready for the next step of Opportunity Finder – “Ignite”.

Come back for part three where we will discuss how you can use Opportunity Finder to ignite the lead generation eco-system and generate the first touch points with your prospects.

Enrich your customer data with Opportunity Finder

Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

How to enrich your customer data

Businesses are always trying to crack the code of getting better return on investment (ROI) from marketing spend, and with growing uncertainty over the current economic climate, finding ways to optimise budget for best results is key.

Pipeline generation and activation requires applying various strategies along the full sales funnel to fully engage and convert prospects to opportunities effectively.

This first instalment of a six-part blog series will delve into the first element of Opportunity Finder’s key pillars – Enrich – defining the importance of data to set your campaign up for success. Each blog will show how each step was designed with revenue generation in mind to identify real opportunities, not just leads that sit stagnantly in the pipeline or are discarded.

Data Science in B2B marketing:

When it comes to developing a valuable B2B marketing strategy, it goes without saying that accurate data is key to building a sturdy foundation. Companies can often fall at this first hurdle – they struggle with siloed, inconsistent, and incomplete data. In the data science world, garbage in i.e., poor quality data, is garbage out that lacks actionable insight.

Better decisions start with better data, so Opportunity Finder starts with data to derive the information needed to select the right contacts to accurately target our client’s messaging. We use our first party and intent data enhanced with technographic and firmographic data to optimise outreach from the offset.

In a fast-paced marketing and sales environment, it’s crucial to strategically direct your resources to where they will have the biggest impact.

Usually, a wide range of data is analysed to reach informed decisions, help define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and identify high potential opportunities more accurately.

Insights are gathered from first and third-party data sources to enrich your database with key information and intent data about your target companies, so you are fully equipped to understand what influences your prospects buying behaviours so you can adapt your outreach strategy from the outset.

Part Two will spotlight the second pillar of Opportunity Finder – “Find” – and will showcase our Contact Findr service which can help you pinpoint the right people and buying committees to speak to.

Identify, engage and close key accounts with BNZSA's Opportunity Finder

It’s a no brainer that sales teams are always going to look for ways to maximise their MQL and SQLs to closed won conversion rates. And as we face further economic uncertainty, it is even more vital for sales and marketing teams to ensure today’s budgets that are heavily scrutinised are invested wisely to secure a solid ROI.  

Despite being a key component for sales pipelines for many years, lead generation is often not as efficient as it could be, leading to a lot of waste. Companies handle leads from multiple agencies which are not accurately qualified. This results in up to 98.5% of pipeline being rejected by sales because it’s not a tangible opportunity.

Optimising your pipeline generation and activation requires applying various strategies along the sales funnel in order to fully engage and convert prospects to opportunities effectively.

This can be hard to get right at every step. It requires sales and marketing teams to firstly be aligned, to have access to quality data, relevant contacts, effective content, and actionable insights. It also often means combining data from various sources.  

Sales and marketing teams are often inundated with all the latest technologies, platforms, and services to facilitate and automate lead generation. Technographic and firmographic segmentation provides top of the funnel insights, but this data is often disjointed or lacks clear insights to aid conversion into actual opportunities. While this data can be valuable, it lacks context and opportunity defining detail.

One key issue is that “lead” is an all-encompassing term that can include everything from a simple opt-in to a Sales Qualified Lead, but using the term lead itself does not necessarily tell you whether it is likely to close or not.

There is a clear gap in the market for a solution that provides insights for an efficient whole funnel solution which maximises pipeline generation, transforming leads to opportunities. To make this a reality, it is necessary to combine data, digital and human interaction to identify credible and qualified opportunities.

BNZSA’s Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder by BNZSA is a fully integrated solution, combining some of the most advanced lead generation tools. It is designed to increase sales and marketing effectiveness as we noticed a gap in the market for an end-to-end lead generation engine that converts to closed revenue delivering quantifiable ROI.

Combining data and digital engagement with human outreach, Opportunity Finder is the most effective toolbox to identify real revenue-generation opportunities that have the best possible chance to close.

It provides insights which maximises the impact of campaigns and furthers our understanding of the market and the signals BNZSA is receiving from prospects. This allows companies to supercharge go-to-market strategies and accelerate pipeline faster.

Opportunity Finder is comprised of five key pillars to make sure each lead will move through the sales funnel. Rigorous processes are put into place to efficiently engage, qualify, and most importantly convert leads to closed won opportunities.


Build your universe by enhancing your database with as much key information as possible about your target accounts.


Find the right decision makers, identifying buying committees, and strategize how to best land your messaging.


Combining intent data with first touch - digital and telemarketing engagement - to filter and segment the audience.


Deploying the right engagement strategies across the digital and telemarketing toolbelt to connect with decision makers.


Using highly skilled BDRs/SDRs and advanced digital nurture to close the deal or deliver SQLs using our Warm HandoverTM and Sales-as-a-service processes.

Opportunity Finder - A Case Study

BNZSA recently launched an Opportunity Finder for a client – an industry leading recruitment software provider. The objective of the campaign was to generate 100 qualified opportunities and 150 MQLs for the client.


BNZSA’s Data and Decision Science teams combined first and third-party data to enrich the database with information intent data about 4,500 companies. We added firmographics, technographics, key market insights and anything additional that might inform their buying behaviours.


BNZSA’s team of Data Researchers identified 6,000 contacts that comprised of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from the 4,500 companies. This included various buying influencers as well as the key decision makers.


BNZSA then launched a telemarketing campaign as a first touch to gather consented MQLs and Opt-ins.


The consented contacts were passed to the digital marketing team for digital follow-up with email nurturing.

BNZSA implemented two separate email marketing strategies:
1. To nurture MQLs/Opt-ins to try convert to a scheduled meeting
2. To keep converted prospects interested by sending a meeting reminder and additional relevant content before the meeting.

As well as email nurturing, we created a microsite in the local language which acted as a key content hub to educate the prospects and push them through the funnel for conversion. BNZSA was able to drive traffic to this landing page and track the prospects’ behaviour and understand their areas of interest.

The nurtured contacts were then followed up via telephone outreach by BNZSA BDRs with the aim of booking meetings with additional prospects. Once the meeting was booked, the contact was sent custom content and meeting reminders, which lead to a higher meeting attendance rate.

Our BDRs were also able to gain additional contextual insights into purchasing cycles and buying committees through their conversations with decision makers.


The meetings that were scheduled were executed using BNZSA’s Warm HandoverTM process – a three-way call between BNZSA’s BDR, the prospect and a sales rep from the client.


Virtual Teams: The solution to BDR burnout and the Great Resignation

YouGov recently surveyed two thousand workers for recruitment website, TotalJobs. The results showed that more than 75% of participants had experienced at least one symptom of burnout this year. Two fifths of respondents cited unrealistic workloads as one of the biggest causes of burnout. 

Many sectors such as travel and leisure, which were hit hard by the pandemic are now facing staff shortages. However, there is also currently a record number of vacancies in sales and marketing. According to GrabJobs, roles within sales and marketing are some of the most in demand positions in the UK in 2022.    

Adding to the strain is what is referred to as “The Great Resignation”. Workers are deciding to quit or not to return to their jobs as the working conditions provided pre-Covid crisis are no longer appealing to them. Instead, people are now looking for companies who are more mindful of their needs and who respect their work/life balance. Companies providing benefits such as remote working, better pay and better career opportunities are now more competitive as employers.  

Sales teams within the technology and software sectors have been acutely affected by the Great Resignation, with voluntary sales departures reaching 67%, according to figures from Xactly.  

Challenges affecting in house BDR management: 

When considering the role and responsibilities of a BDR, the above challenges are compounded by an elevated level of burnout. A BDR position can easily be considered one of the hardest roles in sales as they face a high level of rejection daily, no matter how good they are at their job. Despite receiving compensation in the form of commission, the pressure can affect their mental health and lead to burnout. Some of the aspects adding to this high level of employee turnover and burnout are: 

Cost of Living:

With sharp rises in energy costs and geopolitical factors, 2022 has seen the cost of living rise steeply. As a result, workers are not just seeking out the most competitive employer for salary, they are more mindful of those that can provide benefits and working conditions that are more inclusive of their personal needs, such as remote working and flexible work schedules.  
There is also a pressure on BDRs to perform, hit quotas and achieve KPIs on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Although they are compensated for this work, missing targets and therefore losing commission can cause added financial strain. 


During the pandemic, many workers faced with layoffs and uncertainty saw the time as an opportunity to reflect on their career path and their passions in life, with many deciding to pursue other opportunities outside of sales. 

Staff shortages:

As more workers change positions, the gap left in sales and marketing roles means BDRs are tasked with carrying an even greater workload to compensate for being short staffed, adding to the pressure to perform in their role. A higher-level of stress is key factor in BDR burnout.  

Unrealistic workload:

 Compounded by a high churn rate, BDRs are facing an unmanageable workload which can also negatively impact their mental health and add to burnout. According to BNZSA research, a BDR will have to simultaneously manage 1000s of contacts in a 12-month sales cycle. Tasked with outbound calling, trawling databases, coordinating with marketing and data teams, as well as handling inbound requests from various sources, BDRs can often struggle to prioritise their workload efficiently. 

Friction between teams:

Technology and automation to define workflows for lead follow-up are often chaotic and unmanageable. If processes to manage workflows are not clearly defined, this can lead to friction between BDR teams and Sales and Marketing. 

BDR Burnout is caused by a combination of the Cost of Living Crisis, high turnover in sales and marketing positions and a greater workload in a high pressure environment.
There are many factors which contribute to BDR burnout.

Virtual Teams as a solution: 

Designed to be an extension of your in-house team, rather than a replacement, BNZSA Virtual Teams is a ready-made solution. It is intended to not only enhance the functions of in-house teams, but also give instant resources, multi-lingual support and credible and compliant opportunities that are more mature in the sales cycle. 

Instead of hiring, training and paying for holidays and local taxation, customers only pay for the time of BNZSA's BDRs. They are virtual only in the sense that they are full time BNZSA employees but use an email domain and call on behalf of the client.  

BNZSA’s Virtual Team of BDRs and marketing executives provide our customers with end-to-end lead generation services including profiling accounts, following up on digital activity, qualifying leads, identifying decision makers, and buying committees which is key for companies wanting an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Costing of Virtual Teams is via a subscription-based Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution, rather than a traditional cost-per-lead (CPL) model. 

Virtual Teams have access to BNZSA's own technology stack, as well as the support of our data science team and newly formed decision science practice. This allows BNZSA to do a lot of the heavy lifting for our clients when it comes to providing high quality, sales ready leads. 

Using a Virtual Team has many benefits which can enhance your B2B lead generation strategy
Virtual Teams are an extension of your BDR resources - not a replacement.

Benefits of using Virtual Teams: 

Enhanced B2B Lead Generation:

Extend and enhance your lead generation efforts with our fully ramped and trained teams. We deliver high-quality, warm leads with our trademarked Warm HandoverTM process, developed specifically to increase conversion rates of the leads we deliver. BNZSA’s BDR will orchestrate a three-way call between themselves, the prospect, and a sales rep, allowing for a direct introduction. This allows for a smoother customer experience for the prospect, and a much more efficient use of time for the sales rep. 

Dedicated BDR Team:

With a BNZSA Virtual Team, they will function as an extension of your in-house BDR team, rather than as a replacement. Our process ensures consistent communication between our agents and your sales rep, creating an environment for constructive feedback, improving the quality of opportunities we deliver. They will be fully dedicated to customer campaigns. They will contact and qualify prospects on their behalf and be an expert in our client's products and services.  

Technical Training and Support:

Our highly experienced technical coaches are on hand to provide support to your team, adding instant quality and experience to your infrastructure. Our agents receive continuous training and guidance throughout campaigns, guaranteeing high quality leads.  

Localise in New Markets:

BNZSA can provide multi-lingual support with native speakers in over 26 different languages. This means our customers can expand their international lead generation strategy, and localise their messaging across EMEA, APAC and US markets. 

Flexible BDR Resources:

As BNZSA can adjust and rotate our resources based on clients’ needs, meaning a B2B campaign will not be slowed down because of sickness, holidays or other absences. 

Quality Data Sources:

Clients have access to BNZSA’s data services comprising of first party intent data, second- and third-party data, as well as support from our Data Science and Decision Science Teams, adding valuable insights to your B2B marketing strategy. 


 BNZSA is positioned to ramp your lead generation efforts quickly and efficiently with our Virtual Team offering. The Warm Handover (WHOTM) process has a 70% lead-to-conversion rate. With access to almost a decade worth of our own first-party intent data, along with the support of our Data Science and Decision Science teams, BNZSA have the resources to expand pipeline generation. BNZSA works with leading IT providers, with a 95% client retention rate. Get in touch today to discuss how we can add value to your B2B marketing strategy. 

How to build a BNZSA Rocker

By Paul Briggs, Director Global Corporate Development

If you know anything about BNZSA, you’ll know that rock music has been a huge inspiration for us. We recently launched our first ever song, Together We Rock, which is an ode to our company slogan, and we refer to every single one of our employees as a BNZSA Rocker.  

Like all the best bands, we got started in a garage. Our CEO, founder and frontman Brahim Samhoud explains why rock music is so important to him: “I love the image of the rock band. A group of people who might not have a lot in common apart from their single goal to work together and produce an incredible result that inspires and delights the crowd. I hope that’s what we do here every day – our multinational, multilingual teams come together to get great results for our clients”.

“I also firmly believe that anyone has the potential to be a great BNZSA Rocker. I challenged our onboarding team to come up with a programme that any person from any professional background can jump into. With the right attitude and the right support, anyone has the potential to excel here at BNZSA”.

This has been even more important as we prepared to scale fast! From March 2020 to now, we have grown our headcount by almost 400%. We want to fill people with the BNZSA spirit as quickly as possible and give them the tools they need to succeed from Day 1.

What makes a BNZSA Rocker?

There is no magic formula to create a BNZSA Rocker. Some people come with years of experience in B2B Sales, others can apply their skills from customer service, hospitality or other industries. Some people have many master's degrees and others are fresh from school. We look for people who have the drive and ambition to grow with us.

The people who succeed with us are those who live by the four Core BNZSA Values:

How do we build a BNZSA Rocker?

We hired the amazing Álvaro Aldana three years ago to help us grow our onboarding process. Álvaro brings his experience as a learning and development manager from Starbucks to industrialise our onboarding and get our Rockers performing fast.

This training mostly focuses on those who will take on roles as BDRs, but we are quickly adding programmes for the digital, development and data teams, as well as a stream for new management positions.

We currently onboard up to 40 Rockers a month and have just two weeks to get them ready for the intense world of B2B lead generation.

Week 1: The tools for success

Week 1 focuses on instilling the BNZSA Values and culture – we spend a lot of time talking about our history, showcasing role models in the company and sharing our vision for the future. Being coachable and ready to grow is also an essential element of this week, so we include an immensely popular module called “Learning How to Learn.” There´s a strong focus on the basics of the IT products required by businesses so that any Rocker can prepared for whatever our clients throw at them.

During this first week we ensure that the new Rockers acquire all the basics that they will need to start getting the job done while also giving them space to absorb and reflect.

We finally also make sure that we find some opportunities to decompress with colleagues at our weekly Friday barbecue.

Week 2: Learning by doing

Week 2 is when things get serious. The best way to learn is to get on the phone and out in the market talking to potential IT buyers. Our newbies will first do some shadowing and role playing before they jump straight in and receive live coaching on their conversations. We support them with additional workshops on building connections over the phone, handling objections and tackling difficult situations – all using real examples from the group’s experience. Pretty much all of our newbies will make their first leads during this week – a huge confidence builder that prepares them for what comes next!

By their second Friday with us, we have a whole new batch of BNZSA Rockers ready and waiting to join the band!

Week 3 and beyond: the learning never stops

From Week 3, our new Rockers join the rest of the team and enter our ongoing coaching and training programme. We offer product trainings and team learning sessions as needed, as well as one-to-one coaching. Everyone at BNZSA also has access to a huge library of content via our Learning Management System Skillsoft Percipio – Rockers can work on their current skills gaps and take courses that help them meet their development goals for the future.

Together We Learn!


Global B2B marketing agency BNZSA records 237% year-on-year revenue growth for Q1 2022

Leading global B2B IT sales and marketing agency BNZSA delivered 237% revenue growth in Q1 2022. This is supported by a headcount increase of 159%, with around 400 employees currently on staff.

BNZSA is one of Europe’s largest B2B marketing agencies, delivering sales-ready leads to many of the world´s leading technology brands including Acer, Dell, HP, Oracle and SAP. With a 95% client retention rate, much of BNZSA’s growth has been driven by expansion and referrals with their existing customer base.


The company has made strategic investments to enable existing clients to grow their portfolio with the agency. These include:

CEO Brahim Samhoud says, “2022 is going to be a huge year for us. We marked a significant shift by moving to our beautiful new campus in Las Rozas, where many multinationals have their Madrid HQs. But this is just the beginning of our next phase - we’re building our data and digital teams to ensure we have the best predictive analytics and targeting to reach tech buyers at the right moment.

“I’m proud to say that most of our growth is driven by referrals. We maintain a 95% retention rate and our clients are our key advocates – we see them referring us inside their companies, contracting us when they ·move roles to new organisations and recommending us to their peers and contacts.

“Regardless of the many acronyms in our industry, what our clients want are leads that will convert to revenue. Our conversion rate is around 70% and climbing – we’re building our data and digital teams to ensure we have the best predictive analytics and targeting to reach buyers at the right moment.”

About BNZSA 

BNZSA is a leading sales & marketing agency specialising in data and tele-based demand generation with a team of 400 who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over eight years. BNZSA is privately-owned, has never relied on third-party funding, and has been profitable since day one.

The company is based in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in the UK, France, and Morocco. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native language speakers and deliver client campaigns in languages globally. In addition to the uniquely human and personal dimension of the company, BNZSA is a leader in the application of technology to underpin its value proposition. It built its own bespoke CRM platform and is a pioneer in the use of Artificial Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Machine Learning technologies.

For more information, visit our website or contact Chief Marketing Officer Soniya Ganvir.

Recruitment in the ‘New Normal’ – Why Hypercare in HR Counts for Everything

How we work has changed in the last two years – and changed forever. At my company BNZSA, we are fully remote, and the office is now a place where teams only come together to check-in with one another periodically – and then with very strict rules.

While this has forced us all to reappraise how, where and even, when we work, it has brought freedom and opportunity. BNZSA is a global sales lead generation provider for many of the world’s largest B2B IT companies. Despite being physically dispersed, we are in a period of hypergrowth, and for instance, recorded 344 percent growth in Q3 2021 compared to the same period last year.

To serve this level of growth and maintain outstanding campaign delivery, we need more and more people so we’re increasing headcount at an astonishing rate. This year alone we’ve taken on 215 new people.

So, imagine the challenge I face as head of recruitment to maintain that momentum.

I could follow the lead of many other companies to streamline recruitment. I could appoint an agency and let their head-hunters do all the work. I could also rely on the myriad AI-based HR software solutions to vet candidates digitally.

But neither of these feel right to me, and don’t fit with BNZSA’s ethos of hypercare for our people, and to be a place where anyone can flourish regardless of their background. We hire for aptitude and potential. To illustrate my point, read this below from our founder and CEO Brahim Samhoud.

“When I started BNZSA I wanted to create something with respect for our various cultures. I don’t care about your background, if you’re highly motivated and you want to be successful, then this is the place for you. I don’t care if you’ve been to Harvard or whatever you’ve done in the past – your gender, religion, ethnic background, sexuality or age. It doesn’t matter to me. I want to give our people the opportunity to be rock stars. There are so many people in the world who have ability but are never given the opportunity to shine.”

How a candidate might fit is not a tick-box exercise. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have electrical engineers from Canada, or people with degrees in Chinese, or ex-tennis pros on the team. They simply wouldn’t get past the first hurdle in the majority of hiring environments.

So, if ‘people first’ is a core value of BNZSA, our recruitment must be personal. You can only see a person’s spark, true personality and sense their potential face-to-face. Also, when we’re assembling a team comprising 45 nationalities and counting, we must be sensitive to cultural differences. And in the remote world, all this must be done via Skype.

But we’re conscious that even today, many people might be uncomfortable or unfamiliar with a face-to-face job interview from their computer. They might be quite an introverted person (or very extrovert), and they could be self-conscious about their language abilities. There are many factors that could influence a candidate’s failure or success. And we want everyone to succeed if at all possible.

That’s why we’ve put together a short check list for interviewees to help them prepare. It might seem an obvious thing to do, but I truly doubt that many companies make such efforts to put people at ease and guide them to be their best for a first interview. Here’s the set of simple preparation suggestions that we send to every candidate.

We also provide links to videos that provide insights into the company, its culture, the job and some conditions.

In short, we go the extra mile – another BNZSA core value (along with highest quality and change the industry) – to help candidates be as prepared as they can be before we speak.

This means that we’re able to hire and on-board at the tremendous rate we’re doing, giving people the best possible opportunity to succeed and be part of something very special. At BNZSA the sky really is the limit for career growth – but it always begins with a high quality first touch.

BNZSA Expands into Asia-Pacific to Deliver Truly Global Demand Generation

BNZSA has built upon its European and Americas operations with expansion into the Asia-Pacific region to provide clients with global demand generation services. At present, all global client lead generation campaigns are being run remotely from Europe but uniquely, delivered by native language speakers.

“As a consequence of the outstanding campaigns we continue to deliver for clients in EMEA and in North and South America, we are responding to overwhelming demand for us to extend our offering into the diverse and complex Asia-Pacific markets,” said Brahim Samhoud, BNZSA’s CEO.

“Clients find that the unique combination of our deep first- and third-party data and insight, digital capabilities and native language contact centre agents is simply not available to them in Asia-Pacific and have insisted that we extend our services to support their sales and marketing programmes in the region.”

BNZSA, which posted 344 percent growth in Q3 2021 vs the same period a year ago, eyes expansion into Asia-Pacific as a catapult for even more impressive performance in 2022.

According to The McKinsey Global Institute, Asia’s technological capabilities have expanded rapidly over the past decade. Between 2006–08 and 2016–18, Asia accounted for 52 percent of global growth in the revenue of technology companies. The region’s global share of start-up investment increased from only 16 percent in 2006–08 to 40 percent in 2017–19, accounting for 43 percent of global growth. And McKinsey asserts that the four areas where Asia has a high share of both start-up investment and strong patents are mobile services, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and manufacturing equipment.

“The growth opportunities in hardware and software are evident, and as clients are increasingly centralising sales and marketing budgets and focusing on global enterprise accounts, they expect the same levels of service in all regionals globally,” added Paul Briggs, BNZSA’s Director of Global Corporate Development. “Regardless of geography, our teams are able to physically qualify and route leads within hours of the lead being generated. This is practically unique in the marketplace – particularly as we bring our industry standard GDPR compliance to Asia.”


BNZSA is a leading marketing agency specialising in tele-based demand generation with a team of 350 than who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over eight years. BNZSA is privately-owned, has never relied on third-party funding, and has been profitable since day one. The company is based in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in the UK, France and Morocco. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native language speakers and deliver client campaigns in 25 languages globally. In addition to the uniquely human and personal dimension of the company, BNZSA is a leader in the application of technology to underpin its value proposition. It built its own bespoke CRM platform, and is a pioneer in the use of AI, NLP and ML technologies.