We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

Opportunity Finder

BNZSA’s end-to-end Revenue Generator

Optimise your pipeline generation strategy – Identify, engage, and close key accounts with Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder is a fully integrated solution, that concentrates on generating revenue, not just leads. Sales teams want leads that convert, not prospects that sit in the funnel without closing. Up to 98.5% leads are discarded from the pipeline – but we can help you to avoid this.

Designed to increase sales and marketing effectiveness, Opportunity Finder combines the most advanced lead generation tools to maximise revenue generation.

Good lead generation starts with good data. We use intent data to segment prospects into four categories, so we’re connecting with the right people, at the right time, from the very beginning.  

Opportunity Finder is comprised of five key pillars to make sure each lead will move through the sales funnel. Rigorous processes are put into place to efficiently engage, qualify, and most importantly convert leads to won opportunities.



Enhance your data base with as much key information as possible about target accounts using BNZSA’s DataBuildr service. Our exclusive partnership with intent data allows our Data team to enrich accounts that show intent signals with firmographic and technographic data, as well as contact information. Behaviour signals allow us to identify who is in market, and who the right people to speak to are.


Identify the right decision makers and buying committee with BNZSA’s ContactFindr service. Our team of Data Researchers are supported by proprietary AI and machine learning. Understand how to best reach and land your messaging with your target contacts with content and platform strategies.


Increase brand awareness and activate the universe with targeted programmatic advertising to drive consented digital opt-ins with a purpose. Alternatively, use BNZSA’s ConsentBuildr to drive contacts to your eco-system and collect GDPR compliant consent.


  • Data Science
  • Decision Science – Know what makes your prospects tick
  • Enrich your database with the right decision makers
  • GDPR compliant consented contacts
  • Qualify your prospects and push them through the sales funnel
  • Re-engage aged prospects and add them back to the pipeline
  • Keep your prospects war with digital engagement
  • Custom content created based on your needs
  • Boost inhouse BDR resources with Virtual Teams
  • End-to-end sales management


Opportunity Finder is designed by marketers who know what sales teams need. Our solution is supported by: 

  • Data Scientists, Strategists and Analysts 
  • Decision Scientists 
  • CRM and database administrators  
  • Predictive intelligence and intent data experts 
  • Digital marketers  
  • Designers 
  • Web Developers 
  • SEO & SEM experts 
  • Strategists and project managers   
  • Quality control & sales coaches 
  • Local language sales and marketing executives