We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

Lead generation

Quality conversations

MQL, SAL, SQL, HQL, BANT. It doesnt really matter what acronym we choose; we know that the best leads come from great conversations with the relevant decision makers in the right moments.  

Were out in the market all day, every day, engaging with your future buyers. With the support of our Data and Digital teams, we get to know their pain points, installed base, buying cycles and decision-making processes inside outThis means we can adapt messaging as needed and offer a truly personalised experience. 

One of EMEA's largest call centres

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calls per year
languages spoken
leads generated in 2020
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lead acceptance rate

People buy from people

We have around 900 conversations a day with IT buyers

90% of our conversations are conducted by native speakers

We provide comprehensive sales coaching and IT training

AI-based natural language processing to monitor compliance, tone and language in real time

Full integration with our Data and Digital teams for the best insights


Wherever you are in the selling cycle, well provide a sustainable pipeline to support your objectives.  

If you’re looking for top of funnel content syndication, we’ll provide fully GPDR-compliant leads with validated contact information. If you need fully qualified sales leads, we can deliver leads with a 70% chance of conversion to revenue. 

  • Lead qualification 
  • Content syndication 
  • Lead generation 
  • Outsourced business development / inside sales 
  • Fully integrated account-based marketing 
  • Channel recruitment and activation 


Our agents are supported by: 

  • Data planners & strategists 
  • Digital marketers 
  • Coaches 
  • Quality control 
  • Project managers 
  • Messaging & communications experts 

Lead qualification

One of the most frequent challenges our clients face is that their digital and event-based leads need some degree of qualification before being sent to sales.  Even prospects who have completed an online form after an extended online journey may not be the prospects that our client’s sales team really want to speak with.   

Similarly, many of our clients hold large databases of leads that have either not been successfully followed up, or who, when acquired as a lead indicated that they did not have a live project at that time.   

We can help you: 

  • Convert unqualified leads into sales ready leads 
  • Fast track hot leads to sales 
  • Ensure that sales teams only speak to the prospects they want to talk to 
  • Further profile leads so that the prospects marketing journey / experience can be optimised  
  • Cross sell services 
  • Ensure the fidelity of every lead generated by digital programmes 


BNZSA workshop

Good agents beat bad digital; good agents complement good digital. In short, every ABM campaign should involve humans.  

The best campaigns begin with a great dataset, enriched with account information by our data team who can supply firmographic and technographic data as well as intent signals. Initial outreach might be digital, supported by human touchpoints along the way.  

Lead qualification is a good example of using people early in an ABM journey, while inside sales agents / BDRs are a good example of using them towards the end. Our signature Warm Handover process makes the final connection between a prospect and your sales team and has 70% lead to revenue conversion rate.