this is BNZSA

Demand generation powered by real people


In a small garage

in Madrid

With a global footprint

200+ employees
35 nationalities
16 languages

In house specialists

Business development representatives, data, design, development

Marketing leaders

From household-name B2B IT companies strategic leadership from people who've been in your shoes

Our track record
A company that gets things done

campaigns since 2013
geographies so far
clients and counting
40 M €
in revenue 2020

Our core values


Top talent from 35 nationalities

90% of our engagement is by native speakers

High level expertise in sales, marketing, development, design, data and more

Comprehensive training and one-to-one coaching programmes

Highest quality

Support from project managers, compliance and quality control

95% client retention

70% lead to revenue conversion rate for our signature warm handovers

Extra mile

Total pipeline transparency

Ongoing client success meetings and regular updates

Progressive business models that offer more value than just cost-per-lead

Changing the industry

Investment in new products and business models: warm handover, intent activation etc

Best in class technology, including proprietary in-house transcription and voice analytics

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