The future of account based marketing

Account based marketing – A difficult, but rewarding ‘new normal’ for B2B sales

With greater uncertainty about technology investments, the current pandemic has ushered a necessary change in traditional B2B sales and marketing strategies and accelerated a greater need for effective account based marketing (ABM).

Without in-person channels like face-to-face meetings and networking events, it's clear that marketing and sales have really had to adapt. The pandemic has forced a new alignment between marketing and sales, which can only be a good thing!

The challenge remains how to build the close personal relationships that we know are the basis of productive and long-lasting B2B sales partnerships.

Where to start with ABM

Paul Stacey, Head of BNZSA UK, has written a series of blogs about the future of ABM:

  1. How it works, who it’s for and its benefits - recognising the challenges of delivering on a multichannel strategy, Paul explains how you can make ABM work for your objectives. ABM's main benefits are better focus on relevant accounts, earlier and better engagement with deals and ultimately better value for money from marketing.
  2. The software available to help implement an ABM strategy - if you're managing multiple channels, you may want to consider an investment in technology to help stay on top of everything. It's also worth considering working with an agency like BNZSA who can leverage multiple tools and specialisms to get the best results, especially in areas like database strategy and buyer intent.
  3. Why the human element of ABM should not be underestimated - Good agents beat bad digital; good agents complement good digital. In short, every ABM campaign should involve humans. Paul explains how to bring the human engagement into your strategy.

You can also learn more about how our integrated ABM approach can deliver a 70% lead-to-revenue conversion.

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