We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

Five Reasons to use BNZSA inTNT data to connect with in-market buyers

Companies are tired of guesswork when trying to filter through the noise of identifying the buying patterns of their target customers. With buying cycles increasing and purchasing decisions taking longer, accurately targeting companies that are currently in market is vital to accelerate pipeline and revenue generation. The value of intent data in B2B sales: Traditional […]

Benefits of integrating digital awareness campaigns in B2B outreach

In an increasingly digital first B2B world, companies looking to expand their total addressable market and connect with the right decision makers can reap the benefits of integrating digital awareness campaigns into their outreach programmes. From programmatic advertising, paid media, and email nurture there are many options for companies to boost awareness and engagement with […]

Enhance ROI from B2B events by investing marketing development funds (MDF) in BNZSA Channel Concierge, to get in front of the right people


Despite the increasing ability to order IT products and services online, three tier distribution or “the channel” has always been an important route to market for vendors, especially in the sub enterprise space to secure and renew long tail business. To enable channel partners to prospect new customers and service existing ones, vendors have traditionally […]

Maximising event follow-up with Lead Verifyr

Post-pandemic it’s easy to assume that everything has moved online, but when it comes to B2B, and especially the IT channel, face-to-face events are back in full swing, and they play a significant role in driving meaningful customer experiences and organization success. According to a survey conducted by Bizzabo in June 2023, 81.7% of event […]

Scale sales globally through Channel Partners with Channel Concierge

Channel Concierge by BNZSA, powered by Anteriad, is a centralised, fully integrated Marketing-as-a-Service for your channel partners. Companies have recently faced strong headwinds in the form of cutbacks and layoffs, but optimism is starting to grow. Companies such as Meta, Microsoft, and Google reported positive revenue growth for Q2 2023 for the first time following […]

7 Benefits of using content hubs in B2B outreach


B2B buyers are increasingly expecting a B2C-like experience when interacting with B2B companies. This means that they want easy access to relevant and valuable content and information, as well as seamless and efficient communication and collaboration throughout the buying process.  To meet these expectations, B2B marketers need to focus on creating an omnichannel presence that […]

Land your messaging in new markets with the right localisation strategy

Expanding market reach globally is synonymous with growth and opportunity in B2B, but it can take a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. There is a need to familiarise yourself with the various nuances of each country and market. From different languages and purchasing practices to learning about the local competitive market with varying […]

Enhance your sales outreach: Propelling your Q3 pipeline to Q4 success

As we head into Q3 2023, businesses are still facing uncertain economic conditions due to the cumulative effects of adverse events over the past three years – most notably the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This has had a negative knock-on effect across multiple industries, and even the tech sector has not been […]

BNZSA expands offices across Europe with the BNZSA Passport Programme

BNZSA Roadies' quarterly visit to Las Rozas

Like the majority of companies in March 2020, we had no option but to transform our working environment to fully remote practically overnight when stringent lockdown measures were announced by the Spanish government on a Friday afternoon. This was no easy feat considering we had always been a fully office-based company, but over the course […]

Close the deal with Opportunity Finder

Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts. Opportunity Finder helps you secure valuable sales opportunities to add to your pipeline, but how can it help close and guarantee revenue? Our teams […]