How we set up 100 remote offices in 48 hours with Intel vPro®

In March 2020, we set up over 100 remote offices over the course of a single weekend. Most of our workforce is based in Madrid, Spain, where the Government announced a nationwide state of alarm on a Friday afternoon.

By 8am on Monday morning, we had every single employee up and running from home.

Our founder, Brahim Samhoud, said:

"After seeing the effect of the pandemic in Italy, we monitored the situation to understand the impact if other markets were to close. This meant we had very good visibility on what kind of effort we would need in order to keep on providing leads and opportunities to our clients.

As the situation got worse in Spain, we saw that the stress of travelling to work on public transport started to have a negative effect on employee morale and decided we would start allowing people to work from home. When the situation escalated the next week, we decided to close the offices and send everyone to work at home. We made that decision on the Friday, and by Monday, we had everybody up and running at 8am.

We’re not going to go back to doing 40 hours per week in the office, which is basically obsolete now."

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