Case study: ABM demand generation - collaboration software and hardware solution

The campaign has been running for six quarters and has delivered more than 200 leads and more than 12 times return on investment. 

The brief

The client asked BNZSA to help support ambitious sales goals for a collaboration software and hardware solution. Due to the relatively low market awareness of the product, the client tasked us with building a demand pipeline within a target list of 120 accounts, and amongst mid- to large enterprises with a large number of collaboration spaces.

The client had field sales representatives ready to receive high value leads and several resellers available to receive lower value / volume leads. 

BNZSA’s job was to provide qualified leads that met the client’s audience parameters and setting appointments to hand-over the leads to the client’s sales team and resellers. 

Our response

We developed a comprehensive database of target customers and decision-makers that matched the client’s requirements and built a repeatable sales engagement model.

BNZSA agents used client-provided assets such as video content, whitepapers, and solution briefs to engage, educate and sell to more than 2,000 accounts.

Critical to our success was making sure that our team fully understood the solution. To this end we installed a demo area in our office and ensured that our team to make sure that had hands on experience using the technology.