We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

BNZSA expands offices across Europe with the BNZSA Passport Programme


Like the majority of companies in March 2020, we had no option but to transform our working environment to fully remote practically overnight when stringent lockdown measures were announced by the Spanish government on a Friday afternoon.

This was no easy feat considering we had always been a fully office-based company, but over the course of a weekend, we managed to get over 100 offices up and running across Madrid by the Monday morning. 

It was a steep learning curve, but since then, we have adopted a blended approach to office based and remote working. Our employees still come to the office regularly, while also benefiting from the flexibility of working from home.

“People” is our first core value, and we’re committed to creating a supportive, and flexible working environment. Here’s what remote working looks like for us now:

Team Days

Our Madrid-based teams have the flexibility to work from home, but with set weekly team days in the office. This allows our Rockers to have the chance to catch-up with their colleagues in person, while still benefitting from a hybrid work environment.

Roadie Program

Our Roadie Programme is another example of how our workplace has evolved. We call Madrid home, but we wanted to open the market to aspiring Rockers across Spain. Our Roadie Programme, which was initially launched in 2022, allows Rockers to work remotely from anywhere in Spain once they complete their first week of onboarding in our HQ. Our Roadies come back to visit on quarterly trips to Las Rozas where they can catch up with their teammates for some team building.

BNZSA Passport

The BNZSA Passport allows our Rockers to work remotely from anywhere in Europe for up to 20 days a year. Whether it is to retreat from the summer heat of Madrid by spending some days by the beach, or to spend much needed time with family, the BNZSA passport allows Rockers to set up shop across Europe either in a 20-day block or in weekly increments.

Another of our four core values is “Change the Industry”, and this starts with making BNZSA, powered by Anteriad a great place to work for our Rockers. Our Roadie and Passport Programmes are another example of how we’re breaking the mould of what it means to work in the world of B2B marketing.

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