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Opportunity Finder – the Missing Link for IT B2B Sales and Marketing

Sinead Conboy

I spoke with Saurabh Rastogi, Chief Product Officer, to find out more about BNZSA's new offering, Opportunity Finder.

Opportunity Finder will be the first and only product in the industry that will provide opportunity data at scale. This delivers a far quicker route to closed business by providing actionable middle of the funnel account insights as opposed to much earlier stage conventional intent, firmographic and technographic detail. Opportunity Finder is possible through the unique combination of the best digitally sourced data available with local language phone verified focussed opportunity insight. Only BNZSA has the data heritage and the BDR capability to make this happen.

Opportunity Finder is under development and is expected to be available in 2022.

How did BNZSA think of a Product to deliver opportunities for Sales and Marketing?

There is a gap in the market for middle of the funnel opportunity insights, delivered at scale, through a product that you can easily access on the web or on mobile. While top of the funnel intent, technographic and firmographic based segmentation is readily available, a lot has to be done to this, to generate actual opportunities. All of this data is sourced digitally which is great for coverage, scale and cost but leaves out critical context and opportunity defining detail, which can only be captured by talking to the right people in each account. Until now this has not been possible to do cost effectively as it’s expensive and organisationally challenging to set up.

At BNZSA, we can uniquely combine data expertise (leveraging the best available complimentary data sources) with a special local language data team that calls into each account to collect and maintain opportunity insights by department. No one else can do this. The local language capability is the reason why so many data and digital vendors use BNZSA for person-based lead generation.

What’s new and unique about Opportunity Finder?

This is the first middle of the funnel opportunity data solution in the business, designed to increase sales and marketing effectiveness. Nothing else is available that provides accounts which are so close to become opportunities. Only BNZSA can do this as we have the most complete data combined with local language calling capability. Other data vendors have expressed strong interest in Opportunity Finder output as it adds the person-collected contextual information and opportunity validation to their digitally sourced data.

Opportunity Finder is unique as it provides the shortest route to opportunities in the business. That’s why Customers, Analysts and other Data Vendors are all very interested! We are often asked “so when can we sign up?”

What are the initial reactions of Customers, Analysts and Data Vendors?

We have consulted with Customers, Analysts and Data Vendors from the beginning as we wanted to ensure that Opportunity Finder addresses verifiable and real use cases. Customers love it as it provides them with closest to deal ready Accounts for focus, whether by Sales, Business Development teams or Marketing. Analysts appreciate the uniqueness and first time availability of middle of the funnel opportunity data at scale, for each geo and solution area, all available online. Data Vendors see the immediate complementarity of their digitally sourced data with our person collected opportunity insights.

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