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Get the right audience to your Event with Opportunity Finder


Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

Before Covid, many companies used to run or attend many successful Face to Face (F2F) events, where they could attract potential customers to stands, evangelize products and solutions via keynote speaking and workshops or by hosting lunches and dinners to better understand the needs and requirements of their potential and existing customer base.

Anyone who has attended an event as a sponsor or paying for some event real estate will tell you, F2F events are hard and difficult to get the right people to attend. Delegate list data is very perishable and even when you generate what you may consider a decent number of registrations, factors like location and weather can have a negative impact on footfall.

Events in a hybrid world

With the shift to hybrid and remote working, fewer workers are commuting to traditional places of work or have digital means and telemarketing ways of attracting prospects and adopted video conferencing to identify needs and present potential solutions. These factors have also had an impact on the attendance of events as well as the health concerns of attending events with hundreds or thousands of people.

But, as fears over Covid have gradually lessened as cities all over the world return to normal, so have events started coming back as an important part of marketing spend and pipeline generation.

Using Opportunity Finder to find and engage the right audience

Opportunity Finder is powered by people and backed by data and digital solutions making it the ideal service for event outreach strategies to truly maximise your ROI.

The five pillars of Opportunity Finder can be used to:

  1. Verify Target Account Lists

    By using our first and third-party data you can verify old delegate lists or Target Account lists to ensure data is up to date and accurate, as well as enriching your database with key insights and intent data about your target accounts.
  2. Identify buying committees

    Our Contact Findr service finds the right contacts and the buying committees at your Ideal customer profiles in order to start nurturing them with highly relevant and personal content to encourage them to come to your event.
  3. Secure prospects’ consent

    Our Consent Buildr and Programmatic advertising offerings can simultaneously build brand awareness, awareness of the event and allow you to gain attendees consent to be contacted pre-event. This is crucial to nurture attendees before the event, particularly if it is a time away.
  4. Engage pre-event

    Enlist support from our teams of BDRs to help validate prospects from other sources, e.g., social media or LinkedIn. They can have conversations with prospects on your behalf about the benefits of the event and at the right time look to set up face-to-face meetings at the event.
  5. Post-event follow-up

    Follow-up after an event is imperative to generate true ROI. Our teams of BDRs and SDR can contact attendees post-event to verify their needs. Using our WHOTM method, attendees who are Sales-Ready can be invited to a three-way call with our BDR and a sales representative from our client, to convert a visit to your booth, to a closed-won deal.