Intent activation

Intent is not a lead

What does it tell us when someone within a key account downloaded a white paper or searched for a topic? Usually not much.  

Researching trends in the market and exploring new products are normal behaviours for well-informed professionals. Even if you map out all your key accounts showing a minimum level of intent signalling, just 2-5% will be actively in-market at any given moment. An intent signal isn’t a lead…yet. 

Sales teams still need to know a lot more about the account before they can close the deal – installed base technographics, key firmographics, buying committees, contact information, timeframes, budget are all essential. Even before that stage, marketing and advertising will need plenty of technographic and firmographic details in order to effectively target key accounts. 

2-5% actively in-market


We know what you don’t

BNZSA’s Intent Activation is the only solution that fills in those important gaps to transform intent signals to high quality leads.

Bnzsa's Intent activation

Working with third party data vendors and leveraging our own digital capabilities and local language inside sales teams, we deliver the best possible leads money can buy.

Bnzsa's Intent activation

Our Data team enrich accounts that show intent signals with firmographic and technographic data, plus contact information for the buying committee. Then our Digital and Lead Generation teams warm up and qualify the accounts to hand you genuinely sales-ready leads.


More accurate and comprehensive intent data can help you optimise engagement throughout your pipeline: 

  • Understand which accounts are actively in-market 
  • Tailor messaging to create personalised experiences 
  • Improve your ad targeting 
  • Reach prospects at the right moment in their buying cycle 
  • Increase business development productivity 
  • Drive revenue 


Our intent activation solution is designed by marketers who know what sales teams need – our experts have experience from Oracle, Intel, IDC and Forrester. The solution is supported by: 

  • Data researchers 
  • Data planners 
  • Data architects 
  • Digital marketers 
  • Local language sales and marketing executives 
  • Strategists and project managers  
  • Predictive intelligence and intent data experts