Your challenge

I want to close the gap between a lead and a sale

The Challenge

It’s nice to have pipeline, but what counts is the sale

 80% of marketing qualified leads eventually do buy, the question is when and from whom. The key is to navigate that grey area so that you don’t lose out to a competitor during a lengthy procurement process. 

Mind the
information gap

Sales usually need to gather a lot of information before they can consider a lead closed won. Not everything has to come from the prospect directly  you can massively improve the quality of a lead by appending actionable data like firmographics, installed base, buying cycles and intent scoring so you’re not just staring into the void and wondering what next steps to take.


The prospect says to call back in six months, but in the meantime a colleague evangelises about another option, or they hear directly from a competitor. There are two things to address here: firstly, that decisions sit with several key stakeholders, and you need to build awareness with them all at an account level; and secondly, that staying front of mind can be done without resorting to spamming the prospect or the other extreme of radio silence. 

How we can help

  • Improve your lead qualification by setting clear consensus about what sales really need to know to close the deal
  • Know what you’re dealing with before you even reach out with our best-in-class technographics, firmographics and intent data
  • Our Intent Activation monitors intent signals at an account level and alerts you when they’re above the business-as-usual baseline so you know who is actively in market
  • Grow brand awareness amongst key members of the buying committee and nurture leads with tailored social and email marketing so you stay front of mind
  • Access support from data, content and digital experts as well as business development reps

Let's see how we can make this happen for you.


Real insights into which accounts are in the market and when




Enrich your target accounts with best-in-class intent


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