Your challenge

I want real insights into which accounts are in market and when

The Challenge

Only 2-5% of your audience is in market at any given moment

You’ve done a lot of work to map out your audience, maybe taking an account-based approach. You’ve created a suite of tailored marketing materials and trained your sales experts. How do you make sure all that work has impact when it really counts?

Separating the signal from the noise

Most buyers will be routinely gathering information and consuming material long before a buying process begins. You need to be able to distinguish between that casual level of interest and an intentional engagement with the market.

Time is of the essence

Most intent signals require action within about 3-5 days. Sales will still need to know who is on the buying committee and their contact information, as well as an understanding of the intent topics, firmographics, technographics and an engagement timeline. You need to have everything at your fingertips to make sure you don’t miss your chance.

How we can help

  • Flag when intent signals pass a business-as-usual baseline, indicating the start of a buying process
  • Make your intent data actionable with market-leading firmographics, technographics and contact information to inform your strategy
  • Create digital touchpoints customised to job function and level of engagement to engage different members of the buying committee based on their stage in the learning process
  • Business development qualification by local language BDRs at scale - our people speak 15 languages and hold 25 nationalities

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