We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

How does BNZSA’s intent activation engine work?


Our Intent Activation Engine provides the best leads possible by harnessing the combined power of multiple and best data sources for buyer intent, technographic, firmographic and our own proprietary data, with timely and local language activation through digital and phone.

But how does it actually work? Our Chief Product Officer Saurabh Rastogi explains more here.

Inside the Intent Activation Engine

We leverage multiple data sources to ensure that we can offer the richest insights possible. Our objective is always to provide actionable insight that is of immediate use – whether for your in-house sales teams or for our own agents reaching out on your behalf.

We combine the following:

  • A mix of the best third party intent data sources available. We work with multiple providers to ensure that we can always find the most relevant source for firmographics, technographics, intent, triggers and contacts
  • First party intent data collected through the 15,000 local language calls made in EMEA on a daily basis – our own contact information and firmographics, as well as detail on trigger events, intent validation
  • Proprietary AI, machine learning, NLP technologies and knowledge graphs to categorise, manage and store billions of data points in 15 local languages
Inside the Intent Activation Engine

The best data sources

Our philosophy from the beginning was to be vendor agnostic and to use multiple sources of data as this provides the best coverage and quality.

Depending on specifics, we can source buyer intent data, technographic and firmographic data for projects from multiple vendors, such as Bombora, Cyance, MRP Prelytix for intent (there are others that we can use as well), HG Insights, Demandmatrix, Enlyft (for technographics) and Slintel, Dun & Bradstreet for firmographics and contacts.

The BNZSA Omni Database is our repository of third party non-intent data for firmographics, triggers & technographics.

Intent activation with digital and telemarketing

The data output from the above is some of the best available – combining best external sources with our own proprietary data. This is then pushed out for activation which could be either digital-only (social media, emails & content syndication) or phone-only (BANT qualified leads) or both.

We will gradually be adding programmatic display to digital activation to provide full capability digital activation.

The results

The feedback from our clients has been fantastic. Similar internal programs that I used to run at Oracle have produced results that were typically three to five times better.

These are the best quality leads on the market.

No one else is able to provide leads filtered through the best third party & first party data sources, proprietary technologies, both digital engagement and local language phone qualification, all in a fully GDPR compliant manner.

Please do drop me an email or connect on LinkedIn if you’d like to discuss how you can take advantage of the Intent Activation Engine.