We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

Find the right people with Opportunity Finder


Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

As we discussed in part one, data is the core foundation to a successful marketing campaign. But enriching your database with all the company data and intent insights in the world is a futile exercise if you don’t know who the right people are to speak to in your target accounts.

From influencers to decision makers and budget holders, there are many touch points and contacts along the pipeline that make a sale possible, and finding the right people is crucial to influence a company that fits your ideal customer profile (ICP).

BNZSA, powered by Anteriad’s Contact Findr service aims to reduce the time involved trawling through platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other similar resources so you can target the right people at the right time with the right message and discover the buying committee.

Finding the right ICP:

When we enrich a database, this often populates company information, but lacks insights into the actual people and profiles you want to reach. Contact Findr is powered by our Data Researchers who complete contact records manually using public domain resources such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoom Info, Hoovers etc. saving you time trawling through multiple platforms.

By combining the intent insights gathered in the “Enrich” stage, and contact information in the “Find” stage, you have a complete, tailor-made database with accurate information of the people you want to target.

Now you have a complete database that’s ready for the next step of Opportunity Finder – “Ignite”.

Come back for part three where we will discuss how you can use Opportunity Finder to ignite the lead generation eco-system and generate the first touch points with your prospects.