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Engage your prospects with Opportunity Finder


Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

So, we’ve done the research to find who is in market, who are the decision makers we need to speak to and most importantly, we have gained their consent to contact them. How can you now engage your prospects with Opportunity Finder?

Once a prospect shows interest and you have gained their consent, quick and proactive follow-up via digital and human outreach is vital to maximise the momentum of the opportunity.

How to engage contacts with Opportunity Finder:

Using Opportunity Finder, you can connect and engage with decision makers by deploying the right strategies across the digital and telemarketing toolbelt.  

  1. Ultra Nurture:

    Companies often find that prospects can get stuck in the middle of the funnel without ever converting. Ultra Nurture ensures prospects stayed engaged through retargeted programmatic advertising and email nurturing to drive contacts to specially curated content hubs to further educate them about your products and services.
  2. Lead Verifyr:

    In many cases, volumes of leads that have been generated cannot be magically or instantly nurtured to be sales ready. This doesn’t mean the prospect is not interested in the product or service, they might not have budget, working on another project or simply might need a bit more information to make a decision. In this case, Lead Verifyr can set aside any leads that may be sales ready and then look to set up three-way ‘Warm Handover’ call between BNZSA, the prospect and the client or put them into nurturing tracks where we can send more information and revisit them at a later stage, reducing the wastage many companies go through when purchasing the same lead potentially from another supplier further down the line.

Our Ultra Nurture and Lead Verifyr services are powered by highly trained BDRs and SDRs, with 26 languages spoken natively by our employees, so you can land and expand in new territories or support in-house sales resources.

In the penultimate blog in this series, we will break down how to Opportunity Finder can help you finalise sales, generating actual closed revenue as well as a strong pipeline.