We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

Close the deal with Opportunity Finder


Join us for this six-part blog series where we’ll spotlight each of the key pillars of Opportunity Finder – the end-to-end revenue generator that can help you identify, engage, and close key accounts.

Opportunity Finder helps you secure valuable sales opportunities to add to your pipeline, but how can it help close and guarantee revenue?

Our teams of BDRs and SDRs not only give support for pipeline generation, but our SDR-Sales-as-a-Service offering allows you to avail of SDRs who act as a full-time sales resource who handle the deal throughout the entire sales cycle.

How to close the deal with Opportunity Finder:

  1. BDR-as-a-Service:

    BNZSA’s BDR-as-a-Service is designed to both enhance the functions of your in-house BDR team, while also giving instant resources and multilingual support to generate credible and compliant opportunities that are more mature in the sales cycle. Our BDRs can profile accounts, follow up on digital activity, qualify leads and identify decision makers and buying committees gaining additional contextual insights through their conversations.

    Those identified as a sales ready opportunity are then invited to a Warm HandoverTM call, a three-way call brokered by the BDR between the prospect and client. BDRs are leased on a time-based model, can have a client email, and call on behalf of the client. Training in the product or service by the client is recommended before deployment.
  2. SDR-as-A-Service:

    Like the BDR-as-a-service model, the SDR- As-A-Service” model provides an SDR who is effectively a full-time sales resource for the client. Essentially it is a “sales-as-a-service” offering, with a fixed fee and commission pricing structure.  

    The key difference between the BDR and SDR models is that the SDR handles the entire sales cycle, generating closed sales and revenue with an agreed commission structure to create a strategic partnership. 

BNZSA’s team of BDRs and SDRs can support 26 languages with native speakers that allows clients to instantly ramp up in new territories, achieve a lower cost of sale and see quick, sustainable, and measurable ROI to investment. 

In short, Opportunity Finder is designed to offer our clients a strategic partnership that works because our client’s success is BNZSA’s success.

With face-to-face events back in full flow for the first time since pre-Covid, our final installment of our Opportunity Finder series will detail how using BNZSA’s services can help you to identify, and engage the right people at upcoming events.