How can Opportunity Finder optimise your ABM strategy?

In parts one and two of our ABM series, we discussed what is needed for a successful ABM strategy and what value it can bring to your pipeline generation efforts. In this third and finally installment, we will lay out how Opportunity Finder can optimise your ABM strategy to land your messaging, convert your target […]

What is needed for a successful ABM strategy?

Optimise your ABM strategy using Opportunity Finder to generate customers not leads – Part 1 Account Based Marketing (ABM) is not a new marketing discipline. On paper it sounds like a simple proposition to find and locate the various stakeholders or buying committees within an organisation, to communicate with them when a need is identified, […]

The Use of AI in B2B Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, revolutionising many industries and making tasks easier and more efficient. However, despite its many capabilities, AI is not without limitations. OpenAI’s language modelling chatbot, ChatGPT, was launched in November 2022. Harnessing the power of a unimaginable dataset compared to previous chatbots, 570 GB to […]

Avoid content fatigue and maximise your lead generation eco-system.


Companies invest in resources and do a lot of work to map out their addressable market, identify their Ideal Customer Profile and build a database of relevant contacts. This is an essential task to build an eco-system of consented contacts to use in sales and marketing outreach.   Having a robust database of contacts is crucial […]

Identify, engage and close key accounts with BNZSA’s Opportunity Finder

It’s a no brainer that sales teams are always going to look for ways to maximise their MQL and SQLs to closed won conversion rates. And as we face further economic uncertainty, it is even more vital for sales and marketing teams to ensure today’s budgets that are heavily scrutinised are invested wisely to secure […]

BNZSA predicts the top 3 B2B marketing trends for 2023

With the new year well underway, BNZSA is looking ahead at the top three trends that will influence B2B marketeers in 2023.   The IT industry has been hit hard in the past year with mass layoffs and uncertainty due to the looming threat of a recession. This trend has sadly continued in January 2023 with […]

Channel your MDF investment into Virtual Teams 

VARs and Distributors that want to beef up lead generation activity and accelerate pipeline growth, are increasingly looking to adopt virtual selling teams to add instant BDR resources to ramp up pipeline for vendor partners.  Direct vendors and suppliers that utilise internal teams of business development resources (BDRs) are not the only ones looking to […]

BNZSA’s Lead Verifyr – make your pipeline work harder

The challenge faced by sales and marketing teams Marketing teams work hard to produce a healthy pipeline of leads for sales teams to nurture. They commission lead gen services from a range of agencies who are able to generate simple opt-ins through to MQLs, with a typical cost of €50-60. However, with thousands of leads […]