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Case study: Lead qualification - storage solutions

The primary objective was lead qualification. BNZSA processed over 35,000 leads in 12 months, and identified more than 150 high value, sales ready leads worth more than $25 million.

In addition to processing leads that were created through the marketing campaign, we requalified more than 30,000 leads that had been generated through previous marketing campaigns and routed them in the same way. 

The Brief

One of the most frequent challenges our clients face is that their digitally created leads need some degree of further lead qualification before being sent to sales.

Our client was running an extensive integrated marketing campaign in several EMEA markets for its comprehensive on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions. The campaign included social, publisher, SEM, events and programmatic display leading to a content hub and online form. The target account list comprised of more than 1,000 organisations.

The challenge the client face was that their sales teams could not process the volume of leads being created by the campaign and did not have the resources to filter them all.

Our Response

BNZSA put together a small team and tele-qualified every lead created in the prospect’s native language and routed them appropriately.

The majority required further nurturing – so we pushed those back into the client’s marketing automation platform so that the prospect would receive regular, relevant content from the client.

Other leads were sales-ready but were smaller deals that fell below the minimum size for our client’s sales team commission. These we fed to local resellers and system integrators who were able to close the deals.

Finally, the leads that were fully sales-ready and met the minimum value requirement were shared with specific salespeople. We booked three-way meetings with the prospect and client sales team to ensure the handover process was both personal and effective. The client took responsibility for closing the sale. 

Do reach out if you'd like to learn more about our lead qualification services.

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