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Basware and BNZSA: An Outsourced BDR Programme That Delivers the Goods – Year-In, Year-Out


Background – About Basware

Basware is a global leader in providing networked purchase-to-pay solutions and e-invoicing services with operations in 14 countries. Its cloud-based technology enables organisations to fully manage their spend, mitigate financial risk and reduce the cost of operations via automation. The company markets its solutions to an international audience of enterprise level companies.  

The Brief – Establishing Outsourced Business Development

In March 2018, Basware asked BNZSA to support its German inside sales team with lead generation through outsourced business development using external Business Development Representatives (BDRs). At the time, Basware needed to generate more qualified leads for its team and needed to ramp-up capacity in a flexible way. It also wanted its sales team to focus on what they do best – convert leads from above the funnel marketing campaigns via a leading-edge Account Based Marketing approach.

The Solution – Trust, Collaboration and Intimacy

In order for the outsourced BDR programme to be successful, BNZSA agents had to become experts in Basware’s eProcurement solutions, and over time, have become intimate with the client teams – so the lines between client and agency are almost non-existent. Both companies have completely aligned their ways of working to the point where BNZSA’s BDRs are fully integrated into Basware’s field marketing efforts.

To make the handover process seamless, BNZSA integrated its CRM system with Basware’s to enable leads to flow directly between the companies. But it’s not just a data exchange; it’s a lot more personal. Each lead generated is personally introduced by the BNZSA agent to their counterpart at Basware via the ‘warm handover’ a value-add like no other in the industry. The BNZSA agents map buying committees, develop personal relationships, understanding and trust with budget holders, decision makers and influencers. They only host three-way meetings between Basware reps and their prospects when there is a complete picture of the opportunity.

Results – Delivering Incremental Value and MQLs

Now, three years later, BNZSA is providing outsourced BDR support to Basware in five regions – DACH, Benelux, Scandinavia, France, UK & Ireland – with a team of seven BDRs. The BNZSA team consistently delivers above expectations to ensure quarterly targets are not just met but routinely exceeded.

Indeed, in Q1 2021 BNZSA team members serving the Dutch, French and UK markets received Basware awards for sales excellence – awards usually reserved for inside sales team members only.

Awards for BNZSA's outsourced BDR team

The relationship between Basware and BNZSA is very close and very intense,” said Chris Blake, Vice President of Field Marketing, Basware. “We expect best-of-breed deliverables and exemplary service from our partners. The BNZSA team is strongly focused on our products and on client service. Our colleagues at BNZSA are collaborative with our teams, and the level of intimacy is such that every Basware regional team feels that they are working with a local agency. They are flexible, but most of all, they are focused on business outcomes and the bottom line.