We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

BNZSA signs strategic agreement with Overmore Group


BNZSA and Overmore Group have signed a strategic agreement to deliver best-in-class lead generation and marketing services for clients of both companies. The partnership establishes a unique lead validation and qualification offering that blends automated and physical verification.

By offering a service that is both automated and tele-verified by BNZSA, the collaboration provides four key benefits for clients – guaranteed lead exclusivity, world class fidelity, maximum transparency and sales acceleration. 

“The agreement establishes a mutual go-to-market strategy that brings a complete lead qualification offering that will rapidly validate, qualify and share sales ready leads with client-side sales teams,” said Brahim Samhoud, CEO of BNZSA. “This will ensure a better experience for prospects, an improved supply of leads for clients’ sales teams, and will greatly improve return on media spend investments.”

Together, BNZSA and Overmore have already secured a sizeable contract with a leading global SaaS vendor as a consequence of their collaboration – with campaign activation from mid-August.

“At Overmore, we believe that the first call to new leads is a critical event in not only eliminating data decay but also in effectively servicing each record,” added Robin Caller, CEO of Overmore. “In the absence of revenue outcomes, call outcomes are a vital proxy for value, and important feedback to drive proactive campaign optimisation.”

Under the agreement, Overmore will provide BNZSA with leads that typically have been generated digitally for or by a client and will have been validated and verified by Overmore intelligent data processing platform Lolagrove.   .

Lolagrove is a suite of tools that validate, verify and resolve the identity of lead data, qualify and settle data trades, providing the data logistics to securely transfer data and deliver the business intelligence to monitor and optimise lead generation campaigns. It supports global brands by providing world-class consent management, orchestration provenance, preferences, and auditing tools to ensure GDPR compliance.

“What makes this offering so powerful is that BNZSA and Overmore have fully integrated their processes and systems,” said Paul Stacey, Head of BNZSA UK. “It means that BNZSA’s native language speakers are able to physically qualify and route leads within hours of the lead being generated.

“Our commitment to offering native speakers for the countries where campaigns are targeted, and to delivering unquestionable compliance will mean that both Overmore and BNZSA will exceed GDPR obligations whilst delivering outstanding results for our clients.”

Christopher Parry, Commercial Director of Leadscale, continued, “historically we have left the post lead capture activity up to clients, but they have found this very difficult and have asked us for help. We know all of the moving parts and this agreement allows us to provide a one stop shop while clients retain transparency and control. BNZSA’s language capabilities and overall call quality give clients the confidence to leave this to us.”