We’re incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

BNZSA Expands into Asia-Pacific to Deliver Truly Global Demand Generation


BNZSA has built upon its European and Americas operations with expansion into the Asia-Pacific region to provide clients with global demand generation services. At present, all global client lead generation campaigns are being run remotely from Europe but uniquely, delivered by native language speakers.

“As a consequence of the outstanding campaigns we continue to deliver for clients in EMEA and in North and South America, we are responding to overwhelming demand for us to extend our offering into the diverse and complex Asia-Pacific markets,” said Brahim Samhoud, BNZSA’s CEO.

“Clients find that the unique combination of our deep first- and third-party data and insight, digital capabilities and native language contact centre agents is simply not available to them in Asia-Pacific and have insisted that we extend our services to support their sales and marketing programmes in the region.”

BNZSA, which posted 344 percent growth in Q3 2021 vs the same period a year ago, eyes expansion into Asia-Pacific as a catapult for even more impressive performance in 2022.

According to The McKinsey Global Institute, Asia’s technological capabilities have expanded rapidly over the past decade. Between 2006–08 and 2016–18, Asia accounted for 52 percent of global growth in the revenue of technology companies. The region’s global share of start-up investment increased from only 16 percent in 2006–08 to 40 percent in 2017–19, accounting for 43 percent of global growth. And McKinsey asserts that the four areas where Asia has a high share of both start-up investment and strong patents are mobile services, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and manufacturing equipment.

“The growth opportunities in hardware and software are evident, and as clients are increasingly centralising sales and marketing budgets and focusing on global enterprise accounts, they expect the same levels of service in all regionals globally,” added Paul Briggs, BNZSA’s Director of Global Corporate Development. “Regardless of geography, our teams are able to physically qualify and route leads within hours of the lead being generated. This is practically unique in the marketplace – particularly as we bring our industry standard GDPR compliance to Asia.”


BNZSA is a leading marketing agency specialising in tele-based demand generation with a team of 350 than who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over eight years. BNZSA is privately-owned, has never relied on third-party funding, and has been profitable since day one. The company is based in Madrid, Spain, and has offices in the UK, France and Morocco. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native language speakers and deliver client campaigns in 25 languages globally. In addition to the uniquely human and personal dimension of the company, BNZSA is a leader in the application of technology to underpin its value proposition. It built its own bespoke CRM platform, and is a pioneer in the use of AI, NLP and ML technologies.