Brahim Samhoud: A Man Driven by Four Core Values for Success


I sat down with Brahim Samhoud, CEO and founder of BNZSA, to understand his motivations, why BNZSA and how it is changing the industry. Firstly, maybe a silly question. What does BNZSA stand for? It stands for my family initials. My name, Brahim, my son Noa, my daughter Zoe and SA for our surname. It’s […]

BNZSA: The Largest and Most Effective B2B IT Sales and Marketing Call Centre in Europe

250-Strong Team, 30 Nationalities and 16 Native Languages Deliver the Best Sales Ready Leads Money Can Buy Madrid, Spain, 5 May 2021 – Responding to unprecedented client demand, leading European B2B IT marketing agency, BNZSA, today boasts the largest and most effective outbound call centre in EMEA, also serving the Americas and Russia. BNZSA specialises […]

BNZSA Expands Operations into North America

Unique combination of deep first-party data insights, digital capabilities and contact center agents previously not available in North America MADRID, SPAIN, 29 March 2021 – Leading European B2B sales and marketing agency, BNZSA, has expanded its operations into North America following significant client demand. BNZSA specialises in tele-based demand generation with a team of more […]

BNZSA launches complete end to end buyer intent data activation solution

buyer intent data

BNZSA’s Intent Activation is the most complete end-to-end solution to identify, track and activate Intent data for B2B sales and marketing professionals Leading B2B IT marketing agency, BNZSA, today launches the BNZSA Intent Activation, the most complete end-to-end solution to identify, track and activate buyer intent data for B2B sales and marketing professionals. For the […]

BNZSA signs strategic agreement with Overmore Group

Strategic Agreement

BNZSA and Overmore Group have signed a strategic agreement to deliver best-in-class lead generation and marketing services for clients of both companies. The partnership establishes a unique lead validation and qualification offering that blends automated and physical verification. By offering a service that is both automated and tele-verified by BNZSA, the collaboration provides four key […]