With five years of experience we get the things done.

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what we do

As a direct marketing agency we understand that this part of the Marketing pallet is not so much about glitter and glamour but about getting your hands dirty.

Our in house data team crunches hundreds of thousands of records weekly to provide our agents with the right data so that they can engage with the right people at the right time with the right message.

We apply this method to all our services, whether it is:

GDPR 2018 Opt-in: To salvage your prospect database

Lead Qualification: To qualify / nurture your leads from digital campaigns or events

Lead Generation:To generate leads to grow the funnel and gain market share

Account Insight: The ultimate service that combines everything that Sales and marketing will need to support the customer journey from start to finish. You will wonder how you ever managed to run ABM campaigns without it.

The flexibility of our team and the scalability of our methods are how we get things done.

Our constant quest to go the extra mile and the numbers we put on the board is why we have a client retention rate of 95% since 2013

“BNZSA gets things done”
is how our clients define us.

the people

Our team is composed of 14 different nationalities and native in 10 languages and is constantly trained on the latest IT developments and sales techniques.

We share a constant quest for personal and professional growth, the believe that you can achieve anything when you set your mind to it, that you should care for others and that everybody deserves respect.

Welcome to the BNZSA team!

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bnzsa spain

Avenida Juan Caramuel, 5 Parque Tecnológico de Leganés,
28919 Leganés. Madrid, Spain.

Phone: +34 (0) 91 737 90 03